Monday, June 30, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!...

After more than a week of rain off and on (mostly on) I am beginning to feel like I’ve been living in the bottom of a boot! When it’s not actually raining everything still looks like my deck floor, covered with puddles.
However, the rain has been good for the foliage and berry crops. The honeysuckle is now covered with ripening red berries. And the cherries are turning red on the cherry tree. Yesterday I noticed a pair of Cedar Waxwings in the maple tree nearby. I’m sure they were checking things out for supper.

Is that a bit of blue sky I see?

The rain has been so heavy at times the wild daisies are bending over. The black-eyed susans are still standing straight, perhaps their stems are a bit sturdier.

But now, mid-morning, a glimpse of blue sky is showing in the west. Can we hope?

And then the sun breaks through! Middy braves a walk across the wet deck to jump up on the railing to the stairs, a positive sign when she is willing to go outside.

The blue sky now is full overhead. The sun beats down on the developing pine cones in the tops of the white pines near the house.

And in the young maple tree by the deck a sparrow sings….
Perhaps this will be a good day for us all!


Anonymous said...

Send it back our way... please! We've had a couple weeks of dry, hot weather and the grasses near the valley level are now tinder dry. I spent four hours tonight fighting a brush fire and I think they are just beginning. A little rain would go a long way! Another interesting difference between here and there, eh?

Cedar ... said...

Today will be more of the same, overcast, and rainy off and on. The forecast is for some clearing later in the week. Good luck with the hope for rain, and putting an end to those fires!