Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Walk to the Mailbox,....Part 1

According to Wikipedia, in 1891 Rural Free Delivery mail service began with five routes over ten miles! This was 13 years after people could get their mail delivered in towns and cities. In 1896 RFD became an official service. As my home is approximately six miles from the nearest post office I have an RFD mailbox at the end of my long driveway. It’s a bit “tippy” right now as during the winter a snowplow pushed it back and now it’s leaning. Time for a repair job.

I’m not sure how long my driveway is but it curves through the woods and the house is out of sight from the road and the mailbox.
Walking to the mailbox is always interesting. There is so much life along the way. Plants,.. animals,…insects,… It is impossible this time of year to escape a dive-bombing deer fly around my head. Here are two moths that I saw. Also a little black butterfly/moth escaped before I could get a picture.

A dead pine has provided many meals for woodpeckers,

Botany is not my strong point. I know the common wild flowers but many are unknown to me. I think a good purchase will be a wildflower book!
These I know,… my wild rose,

Ferns are abundant,

Pearly Everlasting, growing tall above the ferns,

I believe this one is Thimbleweed ,

And of course,.. “leaves of three, let it be,…” the infamous Poison Ivy.

Tune in tomorrow for chapter 2!.... There will be several wildflowers that I don't know, so if you recognize some of my woodland beauties,... let me know!

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