Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cascade Lakes...

In the pass between Cascade Mt. and Pitchoff Mt. are the Cascade Lakes, and the narrow road, rt. 73, from Keene to Lake Placid. Longer ago than anyone can remember there was one lake where there is now two. A torrential rain and resulting landslide created the small bridge of land between the lakes as they are today. For a few years a hotel and stagecoach stop stood on that spot. When the road was improved in the 1930s the dynamite blasting damaged the old hotel so that it had to be torn down. Now there is a day-use area there.
A little brook now flows between the two lakes at the site of the landslide years ago.
Sheer cliffs rise on both sides of the lakes. The lakes are very deep. Because they are protected by the mountains on both sides they freeze smoothly to make wonderful skating in the wintertime.
No motorized boats are permitted on these lakes which creates a peaceful spot for canoes and kayaks.A young couple was just preparing to launch their kayak and were making a second trip to their car for paddles and lunches. The lake looked like it was going to give them a wonderful day!


Michele said...

Cedar, you have some stunning views... these are breathtaking photos...!!

Cedar ... said...

Thank you Michele,... the Adirondacks aren't the same as the Rockies,..but they do give us amazing experiences.