Monday, July 21, 2008

Camping at Crown Point

As readers know, camping is a passion of mine. This past weekend found my little a-frame camper on a spacious site at Crown Point State Park. Crown Point is the peninsula of land that reaches out into Lake Champlain and faces Chimney Point in Vermont.

Part of this campground is the historic Champlain Memorial and Lighthouse.
Samuel DeChamplain "discovered" Lake Champlain in 1609,... however of course Native Americans had populated the area for centuries.

Both the British and the Americans held this soil during the Revolutionary War. Information on this lighthouse and the area is available at

Following the walkway past the lighthouse you descend stairs to the old steamship pier. This is now a favorite fishing spot. The pier was a routine docking place for the steamships that once provided transportation from town to town along the 108 mile long lake in the early 1900s.
The decades of weather have taken a toll, both the lighthouse and the steamship pier are scheduled for repair this next year. The weather was hot and humid and ice cream was a must! A trip over the bridge.....
..... to a little ice cream stand in Vermont was a fun trip on Friday. This scene looks back at the steamship pier from high on the bridge.


Michele said...

Welcome back Cedar... the photos are awesome!!
I would love to fish off that steamship pier... that's awesome... what a great place of history! So cool!
That bridge is amazing... so beautiful!
What a wonderful weekend you obviously had.. very nice.

Anonymous said...

That's such a pretty part of the country, Cedar! I enjoy seeing some of the beautiful places where I've never been. Everything there looks so smooth and groomed compared to most of our areas here. I like all the water!

Phill said...

So happy to have found your blog through Adk Trailhead! Thanks for the gorgeous pics and the info in this post - I don't know much about the Crown Point area, and really should learn more. I'll be sure to head over and put you on my links list so I can visit often!

Cedar ... said...

thank you City Mouse for your kind comments!