Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Pitchoff Walls...

Cataclysmic events eons ago created the Adirondacks. Eventually the receding glaciers wore them down to the mountains we know today. This roadside tablet is at the eastern end of the Cascade Lakes which I featured in yesterday's post. Unfortunately, only the headline is visible in this camera shot. The tablet explains the geologic forces that created the sheer cliffs in this area.

This shot shows the narrow road between Keene and Lake Placid, a popular scenic route for bike tours. A rider is just approaching on the right hand side of the photo. In the center of this photo is Cascade Mt. and rising to the right just out of the picture is Pitchoff Mt.

The southern face of Pitchoff Mt. which faces the Cascade Lakes is known as The Pitchoff Walls.

These sharp cliffs are a popular spot for rock climbing. Can you spot the climber?
Not a sport for me, -- who can barely look out of a third floor window!

Today I leave for three days camping in Vermont,... I'll catch up with new "views" in the Adirondacks after the weekend!...

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Michele said...

Great photos, I think it would be fun to do... have a wonderful time camping!!