Thursday, July 17, 2008

Picnic at the Lake,...

Many years ago back when I was in highschool,... (yes, many years ago!) a group of girlfriends used to spend time at one of the girl's family camp. Over the years this old camp has changed very little which is a comfort to me. So many happy and funny memories were made here.

This week my high school chum has been in town visiting with her family. We always enjoy a lunch at the old camp by the lake. She makes a delicious lunch and I bring a bottle of "bubbly"...

After lunch I enjoy walking down onto the lake shore, this view is looking south along the NY shore of Lake Champlain.

Here a sailboat under motor power is heading south. That is Vermont across the lake. The lake gets much wider as you go farther north.

Cedar trees, my favorites, grow along the rocky shore.

Any little crack in the rocks shows grasses and wildflowers

Can you spot the small piece of driftwood that is caught in this bush? It was at least two feet above the rocks, apparently washed into the bush at the time of spring ice-out and high water.
It was a grand day, a wonderful vist with a life-long friend!

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