Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Camping.... the mini-way!

What do I do for fun? For the past 35+ years I have been “addicted” to camping. During the years I was married I enjoyed larger campers. I owned a truck camper and three different fifth wheels while my husband owned the trucks. Now that I am single again I purchased a smaller rig. At first I had pop-up campers,…. But I wanted to have solid walls, not canvas and screening. That led me to a Chalet a-frame. It folds down and tows like a pop-up but has solid walls and great skylight domes in the roof.

Here in the northeast the camping season is short. May through October, if lucky! So camping time finds me in a variety of places,…. Beside an Adirondack lake, in the pines, at bluegrass festivals, and on the shore of the St.Lawerence River where I can watch large freighter ships slide by… all of it is fun for me.

And of course the day ends with a campfire.....

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