Monday, June 23, 2008

Backyard Beauty -- Up Close and Personal!

How often do we walk outside and overlook nature’s beauty? While walking in the woods near my home I looked down and found a birds nest. It had tiny evergreen cones in it, and was weathered, obviously blown down during the past winter. Now on the ground it was once a safe home for a family of birds, the grasses though brown and soggy still hold the original tightly woven shape.

The ferns are such a vivid green this time of year. So young and fresh.

Mulleins are stretching upward, with their rosette centers. Later there will be a tall seedy blossom with yellow flowers. Their leaves are velvety soft. Try them as innersoles in your shoes!

Delicate Bittersweet Nightshade... This lovely flower produces red berries later in the season, but don't taste them, they are bitter. Some believe this plant is poisonous, like it's European "cousin."

Look closely at the bark of the White Pine tree,… notice the shades of grey and brown and tan.

See the rocks with whorls of lichen growing in such neat circular patches!

In my yard are dots of brilliant red,… wild strawberries, tiny yet juicy. Tomorrow before my grandson mows my lawn I will pick some for a special June treat.

The lesson learned,… never overlook what is right before our eyes, or under our feet!

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