Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Step Back in Time....

A year ago a grandson was in third grade and I went with his class on a field trip. The 1812 Homestead is a wonderful place in a nearby town. This glimpse at our past is portrayed in a manner that gives school children a chance for hands-on adventures in what life was like many generations ago. The day begins with a wagon ride around the grounds and surrounding woods. The first stop is a tree house where the director of the homestead gives a science lesson. Topics included flowers, trees, and even a bird’s nest with empty egg shells.

The question here was “Is that bird we hear singing the one that hatched from this egg?” Talk about starting the day with a tough question!

The next stop was at the schoolhouse where the teacher greeted the children at the door and after going inside they found out that school in today’s world is much easier for discipline than it was then. There was no slouching in a seat, full attention at all times,.. Needless to say when they got back outside there were a lot of giggles.

Next was the candle making shop and the blacksmith shop. Everyone made their own candle to take home. A pail of wax is melting over the fire. The blacksmith demonstrated how to make basic wall hooks.

On to the shingle shed. My grandson is cutting a shingle from the wood.

In the next picture a classmate is smoothing the shingle for a good fit on the roof. Notice her chest protector. It’s a piece of shingle around her neck on a cord. If the blade slips that will protect her from getting cut.

If you are in northern New York and you like history, check out The 1812 Homestead!
Try this link to see more about The 1812 Homestead...

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Candy Duell said...

My children went here on a school trip for 3 days. They absolutly loved it.