Friday, June 20, 2008

Trees and Flowers,....With a Story!

Here in the North Country April brought us some wonderfully warm weather,… too warm. May was mixed. Here we are in June, and we are getting a stretch of cool and rainy weather. So cool that I actually had to start the furnace to warm the house for two evenings in a row. With the price of fuel oil this was painful! However, now the sun has come out, the temperature has warmed, and the flowers and trees are looking brighter than ever with the raindrops still wet upon them.

The wild cherry tree by the carport has gone past the blossom stage. Now tiny little green cherries adorn the branches. I wonder how many cherries will actually survive to ripen before they are eaten by the birds? I keep several cherry trees just for that reason,…a feast for the birds.
This peony bush is a transplant from the flowers my mother-in-law had. My son, who lives in that house now, brought it to me when he was doing some yard work there. It looks especially lovely with raindrops sparkling on it.

Even though the weather has been cool, more flowers are coming into bloom in the flower box along the side of the house. This yellow lily was a gift from a friend three years ago. It is one of three that she brought to me from her mother who was dividing flower bulbs. Isn’t it nice when you can look at your flowers and remember friends and family?

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