Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bog River Falls

Many years ago a dear friend of mine introduced me to the Bog River Falls. The stream begins in Bog Lake, continues through Lows Lake, then through the Bog River Flow downstream to the falls and into Tupper Lake. These pictures were taken late in April. The leaves weren't budding yet, everything was in the early spring grey and brown colors with only the blue sky to let me know that the season really was finally beginning to change.

I’m not sure what makes the falls such a healing place. But if you have a heartache or worry take it to Bog River. Perhaps it’s the effect of the rushing water that seems to carry your troubles away. I know I always feel better for spending some time on the rocks with the mist from the splashing water hanging in the air around me.

The tumbling water flows under the bridge and out into Tupper Lake....

The falls can be found south of the village of Tupper Lake via Rt. 30, and then a short way after a right turn onto Rt. 421.


gorgo said...

Beautiful pictures, nice job. You have the knack for this. Keep it going!!

Anonymous said...

What a great falls that is! I enjoyed your photos and agree that it would be a healing place. There's nothing like the beauty of nature to bring peace to one's spirit.

Michele said...

Isn't that neat how it can make you feel so much better?! I wonder if it is the soothing sounds of the rushing water that just has a nice calming effect.... very nice post... beautiful photos! I enjoyed the photography very much!
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