Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well, here we go.....

After much thought I have decided to share my view! Or is it my "views?" Here in the North Country of New York there are many views, the mountains, the lakes, the sky, the trees, the flowers, and the people. Every one of those things are interesting to me and I hope you find some things here in my view to make you smile, and maybe even tempt you to visit New York's northern paradise!


Nasus and Molly said...

I LOVE the view from your deck!! And all your pictures are wonderful! How much does it cost to do this? (Blogging, I mean?)

I'll be checking back regularly!


adkkeb said...

Awesome job... keep up the wonderful work.... I'm proud of you, my friend.

adkkeb said...

Have never been to the 1812 Homestead... even though it's in my "backyard"..guess I'll have to give it a try.. thanks for the info.

Editorial Staff said...


I love the blog and follow it regularly. I just noticed Adirondack Almanack isn't on your blogroll so I thought I drop you this note and let you know about us.

Keep up the great work on a great blog.