Monday, September 15, 2008

The World's Fair!...

This year is the 137th World's Fair at Tunbridge, VT.
The first fair on the present grounds was in 1875. Prior to that fairs had been held at various farm fields in the area. The fair in 1875 was held for two days. The following year it was lengthened to three days and remained so until more recent times when it has been held for four days.

On Saturday the traffic was backed up towards South Royalton for nearly two miles.

Upon arrival I headed for "Antique Hill".... here is the view back towards the parking fields.

This mural on an exhibit building on Antique Hill describes the flavor of the fair. It has all the modern rides, games and food, but is truly an "old time" fair in overall mood.

There are many demonstrations on the hill. Here antique gas engines run various old pieces of machinery.
This man is demonstrating how to make hand hewn roof shingles.

Ladies in period dress are sitting on the porch of the museum building.

Civil War re-enactors have set up a small tent village,...There is a display of Civil War era items. What do you suppose this Civil War soldier is saying to his lady?

There is much to see at the fair, I'll share more with you tomorrow!


Phill said...

How do I manage not to notice these neat things that are happening fairly close to me? Gonna have to try to find a time to get over there. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How I wish I were close enough to get to go to that one!

Michele said...

Fairs are neat and I wish we had more of these sort of functions where we lived... awesome posts.