Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From our past,....

On Antique Hill at Tunbridge Fair is a museum. The exhibits are interesting and have volunteers in period dress playing parts. They are able to talk with you about what they are doing. This gives those from more modern times a better idea of what life was like "way back when!" The Postmaster had a real handlebar mustache.

Dipping candles was part of life two centuries ago. Some people do it today as an art.

This woman is carding wool prior to spinning it into yarn.

The General Store was my favorite. I loved the little guy in the middle in the old fashioned hat. The fellow on the left is cutting cheese from a large wheel and is weighing it prior to selling it to a person walking through the museum. These are truly examples of "living history!"
Here rug hooking is being demonstrated. Not "latch-hook" with yarn that is precut,... she is cutting her own strips of fabric and choosing her own colors to make her pattern.
Behind the lady demonstrating hand quilting are several antique quilts from the area. She told me they were from more than 100 years ago.

How many of us have a stove like this tucked away in our memories?


Michele said...

Ah... I am sure there are many memories stirred up in a place such as this. I used to do candles such as this and enjoyed it so much... it was one of my very favorite hobbys/crafts but that was of yesteryears..
another great post!

Chris said...

I got to re-live my Tunbridge Fair trip through your photos....Thanks! I didn't think to bring my camera, but now I have your blog.

Hey Cedar, where are you now? I am just south of Albany, NY just hanging around waiting for the Warrensburg Yard Sale. Chris aka VtChris

Cedar ... said...

Chris, I'm at home. Sorry we didnt' get to connect!