Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crystal Brook....

The word "view" to me means whatever you are looking at. Yesterday my "Adirondack View" was to the east as I drove through Vermont. On my way to a great old time fair in central Vermont I passed this brook in Ripton. There was no sign to tell the brook's name. Last night I searched online maps and believe it to be Crystal Brook. If anyone knows differently, please correct me.
The leaves are starting to turn shades of orange and red. The foliage is far from peak colors yet but the hint of what is to come had its own beauty.

Looking downstream there are huge boulders and river bottom ledges that are layered and nearly verticle.
There must have been a geological upheaval at one time to leave this tell-tale mark.

Oh, to fall asleep every night with the sound of this brook outside my window!


Michele said...

Such beauty does lie in that brook and yes, to listen to the babbles of a brook is so calming... it is often why I will often find myself at the end of a long stressful week flyfishing a beautiful rocky stream so that I may soak in the sounds of the water bubbling over the rocks and boulders... it does have a calming effect!
Beautiful post.. incredible photos!
~Michele J~

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots, and I'm with you. I can't imagine going to sleep to better music. My husband, however, sees it differently. There's a campground we go to occasionally that has a creek running along the backside. He never wants a site there "because of all that noise." :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love those small streams, and certainly agree that its sound would be wonderful just outside your window!