Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The rest of the fair,...

We are still at the Tunbridge Fair. After spending time on Antique Hill (yesterday's post) we walked down to the midway where you are hit with happy sounds and delicious smells. The fairgrounds sits in a valley surrounded by several "ice cream scoop" hills. There are regular fair exhibits, rides and oh, so much food to choose from!

Try your luck?
This merry-go-round is especially pretty with all the lights and mirrors.

The Cavalcade of Animals parades around the track.
The big and the small alike,...

After the hot and dusty parade animals were treated to a drink of water in the river behind the barn.
What is a fair without a sales pitch? These chamois clothes were interesting, but I saved my money.

I even resisted buying a box of fudge for the ride home!

Tomorrow will be my last post about the Tunbridge World's Fair. I have saved my favorite thing for then. If technology works for me I will have a special treat for you!


adkkeb said...

Great shots...looking forward to seeing tomorrow's post!

chandan singh said...

Well, the Tunbridge Fair looks to be very exciting in the snaps.

Hemant Kumar

Phill said...

Ooh - the fair with the mountain as a backdrop is really cool. And the big beasts aren't bad either!

Michele said...

Ah, great post...I'm not too sure if I could have not bought a box of fudge though... my husband adores those tasty treats with a passion!!
Mountain Retreat

Anonymous said...

What a great setting for the fair. That Cavalcade of Animals would be a treat!