Thursday, August 21, 2008

Right under my nose!...

Yesterday morning I heard a mysterious "thumpety, thumpety,... thump!" back and forth across the deck on the front of my house. After hearing it two or three times by the time I got to the sliding glass doors to check it out I laughed to see it was my cat, Midnight. She was cavorting around on the deck and then jumped down and ran around on the lawn below it, even into the edge of the woods and back. This was not her usual behavior.

So, playing detective, I followed her back to the side of the house ..... ahah! She was sniffing and rubbing against a plant. I came to the computer and did a search as I thought after rubbing the leaves it might be catnip. It was. Here was a catnip plant less than a dozen feet from my door, and I'd been paying for a little bag of it at Petsmart! So I will scout around here and see if there are more plants and dry my own for her this fall.

Midnight is a very happy cat and I'm still laughing.

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Anonymous said...

That's funny! Maybe Midnight planted her own!