Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New kid on the block,...

The past week or two I've noticed a lovely, tall and rosy colored flower in a few places along the road near my home. I had not noticed this in the past. Something new?

I consulted with one of my favorite reference books, "North American Wildlife," edited by Susan J. Wernert, and matched it with a photo of Sweet Joe-pye-weed. According to the listing it's prevelent in the eastern half of the country. However, I am very certain it's not been here in our immediate locality before. An internet search shows it as a native wildflower, whose blooms attract swallowtail butterflies, so I will say "welcome!"
I will be watching next summer to see if it has spread further. What a welcome new neighbor!


Phill said...

I don't see it much in my area either, but I remember that the book Adirondack Gardens (awesome book - fabulous pics and info) mentioned it as being a local perennial several times. Funny how it feels like Fall is coming already, isn't it? We were commenting on it over in my neck to the woods this week.

Phill said...

There's a mention of Joe Pye Weed over at AdkNaturalist today - thought you might like to know ... http://adknaturalist.blogspot.com/