Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Beat Goes On...

Readers that have been with me for the past nearly two years know that I am a lover of bluegrass music. Every summer I take my camper and travel to the festivals in northern New York and in Vermont. My grandson is showing interest in the music. He has gravitated toward the mandolin. He'll be going with me to his first festival this coming June.

Here he was "playing along" with Louis Setzer and the Appalacian Mountain Boys on a dvd.

His expression says it all!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My 6th grader grandson has been a big help to me lately. He refused to let me pay him for his hard work. So yesterday after school we went to see this movie. I was not sure I'd like it but I must tell you it was amazing! We saw it in 3-D and the special effects were outstanding.

The story line has a great message too,... all about respect and honoring diversity. It shows how greed can cause heartbreak. If you haven't seen this film yet I highly recommend it, especially in 3-D.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Saturday,...

This morning it is bright and sunny, a bit "crisp" at only 8° however! What does a person want for breakfast on a cold winter day? Why waffles, of course! (yes, I know that butter and bacon aren't that healthy,... but it's only once in a while!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking Ahead....

As we sit here looking out at snow covered back yards and snow covered mountains my thoughts go to spring. Spring,... out in the woods the trillium will be blooming again! I am thinking about my 40' long flower box along the side of my house and the hardy flowers that grow there year after year. I think of what choices I will make for annuals to add bright spots of color. I think of the smell of the soil, the breeze in the pine trees and I can almost hear the birds singing!

What prompted me to think about spring? Jenny Matlock! Jenny's blog post today is about gardening and where she purchases much of her seeds and gardening supplies. To get us all in the mood she's hosting a "give-away"... the prize is a $50 gift certificate to The Tasteful Garden.

So visit both The Tasteful Garden and Jenny Matlock. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Jenny for visiting my blog. I followed the trail back to your blog and am now a follower, -- Just in time to join you as we both look ahead to spring!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We've started a new year,... a re-birth.

And here at home I've been enjoying a re-birth of a different kind. On Columbus Day this past fall I lost my beloved camper in a freak accident on the interstate. No serious injuries, but both the tow vehicle and the camper were totalled.

December 28th I brought my new 2010 Rockwood camper home. It's the same floor plan and interior colors but overall it's nicer with more options.

For those who enjoy camping you will know what you are looking at... a full size frige! All the more room for ice cream!

The sofa-bed is much more comfy. This view shows the slideout in the "in" postion. After towing home on snowy roads I didn't want to abuse the mechanism which was covered with frozen slush.

I even bought a new rug and towels that match.

Now all I have to do is wait for spring. First camping trip will be Memorial Day weekend. Until then I'll just look at her and wish...