Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank You, Hootin' Holler Musings!...

Aleta of Hootin' Holler Musings has given me this lovely award! Thank you so much Aleta!

The "rules" for this award are to pass it along to at least five newly discovered blogs. So here goes,... Some of these blogs I've been following for a few weeks but in the grand scheme of the blogging world that is "recent!"

Expect the Unexpected
Robynn's Ravings
Mountain Musings
At Home in Alaska

I really find it difficult to pick five as I follow at least 25 blogs and each one is worthy of recommendation. I guess I'll just have to do a "Meet the Neighbors" post soon and give you some more blogs that I especially enjoy!

Until then,...

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Heart of the Adirondacks...

Long Lake, NY is one of my favorite places to visit. The web page for the village calls it "The Heart of the Adirondacks."

The ice is out, the snow has melted, however the village is still empty of summer residents and tourists. It was very quiet when I was there yesterday.

One of the biggest attractions in Long Lake is the seaplane rides over the many lakes and mountains. Helms Aero Service is a family owned business. I am sure it's in the second generation, if not the third generation of flying sightseers, fishing and hunting parties in the Adirondacks.

Great food is served here at the Adirondack Hotel. I enjoyed lunch there a few years ago.

I was in town only a few hours for an event, with no time for flying or lunch at the hotel. But just doing this post has me thinking that I should take a day and do those things in Long Lake... stay tuned later this summer!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Picnic...

The weather was bright and sunny yesterday, although just a bit cool. The state campground at Ausable Point is not open for camping yet. But yesterday it was alive with people enjoying it for the springtime day. A lot of people having picnics, launching fishing boats, and walking with their dogs. Lake Champain was bright blue... and waves were rolling in along the breakwater.

This man is fishing with his buddy...

Mama Osprey was sitting on her nest...
My osprey shots aren't as good as those you will find at Sharon's A New England Life. Give her blog a look!
The back water area of the campground is home to a beaver lodge...

I think they will not be able to drag this one home!

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were enjoying the sunshine...

A great blue heron was annoyed at me for trying to sneak across a campsite to get this shot!

Well, if she won't leave, ... I will!
After enjoying a picnic lunch at a campsite table (the site where I'll be camping Memorial Day Weekend) I came home. Bright sun, fresh air, does it get any better?

A Sunny Day,...

Today is truly a sunny day in more ways than just the weather. I learned late yesterday that I have been recognized with an "Attitude of Gratitude" award from Libby Murphy of "Twirl and Taste." First, thank you so much Libby for this. If you haven't discovered Libby's blog yet, do go and visit her in Tennessee. Her blog has diverse topics and is always a good read.

There are "rules" that go along with this award! Being that North Country rebel that I am, I will modify those rules a bit. I was supposed to nominate 10 others to receive the award. Well, now how am I going to do that -- with so many great folks out there in blog-land? I will solve that by declaring you all winners! I know by reading the blogs of those that I follow that each of you is deserving of an award, and certainly have an "Attitude of Gratitude!"

And I won't require anything of you in response. Just know that I am truly grateful for you and how each of you have stretched my world -- showing me pictures from far away places, beautiful nature photography, sharing family triumphs and sadness, and of course those of you that always bring a smile and perhaps an out loud laugh with your talented writing.
To all of you a hearty "Thank You".... you have truly enriched my life.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today's view looks far to the east, to Great Britain.

Too often we judge a book by its cover. It's human nature, I guess. But this is one huge lesson to never do that. Just ask those judges! As of yesterday Susan's YouTube clip had been viewed 33 million times. Would you care to guess how many views as of this morning?

I know I've watched it several times and am not ashamed to admit that I get a tear in my eye doing so. Give it a look... I know I join so many people who will be buying her cd as soon as one is on the market! What a voice!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Bath...

Many of you have expressed thoughts and questions about "washing" my house. Perhaps it does seem unusual to some people. However if you go to your local hardware store you will find products for doing just that. It takes some elbow-grease but it is certainly worth it.

Here is a view of the enemy...

A closeup of the problem... left side of the photo shows a spot scrubbed, but not rinsed. The right shows the accumulated dirt. It is probably a combination of dust from my unpaved driveway a few feet away, and as this side of the house faces north and is shaded from late morning on it could be fungus like the north side of trees? Who knows.... all I know is that it is grey-ish and unsightly. The power washer I have borrowed is small and it does take additional scrubbing with a sponge mop to get off the deposit.

The "troops" are assembled...

The weapon is ready,...

Victory is mine!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Finally Here!...

After much anticipation I do believe that SPRING has come to the hill!

Trees are budding...

My driveway is completely dry...

Green shoots are enjoying the sun ...

The pine trees are getting ready to produce that dreaded yellow pollen. I know, I know... it's nature's way!

And I've spent two days raking...!

Today I start on an even bigger task,...washing my house! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Pulse of the Adirondacks!...

You need two almanacks,... The Farmer's Almanack and... The Adirondack Almanack!

To kick off its fourth year of providing the North Country with information on local politics, environmental issues, history, outdoor recreation, culture, and regional development, The Adirondack Almanack has brought on board two new contributors.

Check out this online journal for the work of original editor John Warren, (also writer of the New York History blog), plus the two talented writers/artists who just joined the Almanack. I believe you will enjoy the well-written posts by Mary Thill and the writing and artwork of Mark Wilson. Put your finger on the pulse of the Adirondacks!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day dreams...

...of warmer weather!

When I checked the temperature this morning it was 28° and there was snowflakes in the air! So my traditional Easter picnic out in a natural area was postponed. We stayed in and watched a movie and picnic'd in the livingroom in front of the tv.

Day dreaming of warmer days to come.... This is a picture of the resort on the St.Lawrence River where I spent last weekend. You can see by the date that I have been going to the river for years. The 1000 Island area is a wonderful place in warmer weather!

That same year I spent time with some cousins at a camp on Upper Saranac Lake. This is the view from in front of the camp.

Warm days and calm water for canoeing and kayaking will be here soon. But you sure couldn't tell it by the weather today. I just couldn't bear to take one more picture of dark skies and snowflakes!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Getaway!...

The 1000 Island Bluegrass Association sponsored a weekend getaway at Bonnie Castle Resort in Alexandria Bay, NY. It's the annual kickoff for the bluegrass festival season in the north country.
Headlining for Friday evening was the Abrams-Burtch Connection. Wayne Abrams, grandfather of the Abrams Brothers, and Bob Burtch have formed a new band for the bluegrass circuit.

The headliner act for Saturday evening was Remington Ryde from Pennsylvania.

The opening band for both Friday and Saturday nights was the north country's favorite son, David Nichols and his band Spare Change. David does custom pearl inlay work for many well known musicians, as well as building mandolins and guitars. The summer season will find the band traveling to festivals in NY, VT and Ontario. You won't find any nicer friends anywhere than David and Nadine. Here you see them sharing a duet while band members Gary Greenland on banjo, and Chad Darou on guitar join in.

Across the St.Lawrence River from Bonnie Castle is Boldt Castle,....another story for another time. Sunday morning it looked like this... but in the summer it is awash with colorful flowers. It is open for tours beginning in early May.

Informal jam sessions were going on all over the hotel. In good weather you might see groups outside, or in various guest rooms as well as the larger designated areas.

People of all ages,... I guessed this to be a mother and daughter...

This is a bluegrass family friend Ray on guitar.

The girl playing fiddle is a young teenager...

The circle is always able to be widened to include new people coming into the room. This made me think of the song "Will The Circle Be Unbroken," and old standard of the music world.
Here Ray's daughter Pam is in the center holding his mandolin which she'd been playing until she sang this song,...
I enjoyed watching this gentleman playing his dobro guitar...

I've already made my reservation for next year!...

Friday, April 3, 2009


Just south of the village of Port Henry, NY is this colorful sign. "Champ" (named for Lake Champlain) has been toying with us for a very long time, elusive creature that he is! The sign lists those that tell of sighting Champ. Samuel deChamplain, the first non-native to explore the lake between NY and VT, wrote of seeing "a 20 foot serpent shaped like a barrel with a head like a horse."

We, who live near Lake Champlain, like to think of our Champ as a friendly "monster." I don't say it is true, nor do I deny Champ's existence. With so many credible people listed as having seen a mysterious creature in the water we know they saw something. What they saw is the question!

Champ must be friendly, after all, how many monsters do you know with a heart on his tail?

To read more about Champ and the area, visit Paranormal Encyclopedia, The Lake Champlain Land Trust, or many other sites on the internet. Perhaps Champ is a first cousin of Nessie?

p.s.... I will be away this weekend, leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday evening. I do so appreciate your visits and your comments. If you don't see your comment appear quickly that is the reason why. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The sun is shining, it's 81°, all the flowers are blooming, the lawn needs mowing...
April Fool!.......actually it looks like this.... (she said giggling!)